New City Blues

I've got this girl who doesn't love me anymore,

Since I packed up and moved to the shore.

I don’t think she hates me but she fucks with my emotions,

And she messes with my head because I chose to sleep close to the ocean.

Instead of with her.

She was born on a pedestal and I started from the bottom,

Opposites from the beginning but that’s why it was awesome.

Spent four years together but my career caused us problems,

Her heart’s in California, but my brain brought me to Boston.

She didn’t come with me. 

So now here I sit in an east coast city,

Wondering how she’s doing and if she’ll ever miss me.

I try not to think about her by keeping myself busy,

But I still follow her on Instagram — damn, she’s still so pretty.

More like flawless. Fuck. 

The difference between east and west is only a couple letters,

But the only way I’ll learn is through drastic measures.

If she’s gone forever, I wish her the best in her endeavors,

It’s time for me to grow and make myself better.