Oh, Interjection

Read this once, then destroy

Always consider, but never employ

When the decoy pretends it’s the real McCoy

You’re a fool, boy. Oh, boy.


It’s harder to die when you live in fear

Up with the bottle and down with the beer

Even if it appears the end is near

You’re still late for work, dear. Oh, dear.


Too tired to sleep, too busy to answer the doorbell

Purposeless like a snail-less shell

The infection will swell, then start to smell  

You don’t look so well. Oh, well.


The heavier you get, the farther you’ll fly

It’s easy to eat when you live in a pigsty

You'll never survive if you keep covering your eyes

Just watch out for my—oh, my.


Get too close, you’ll lose your toes

Get too high, your whoas become woes

Even a soaring crow must look out below

And if you have to ask, you’ll never know. Oh, no.