One In The Oven

2:15 I woke up in a cage with a woman restraining my arms.

2:17 My captor is now escorting me to a brightly lit room.

2:18 I’ve just been stripped naked. She's lifting my legs over my head. I feel violated.

2:19 I can’t kick my ankles free of her grip.

2:20 She's dousing me with a white powder.

2:27 She just strapped me inside a transport pod. I don’t know where she's taking me.

2:29 My hands are free, but the clasp across my chest is too complicated to unlock. And I can’t wriggle free.

2:30 I can’t see my captor. Just a moving sky and my flailing feet.

2:32 This transport pod is strangely relaxing. That powder must’ve been a sedative.

2:39 We’ve stopped moving. My captor is silent.

2:40 She just exited the pod. Now’s my chance to escape.

2:42 My efforts to chew through the straps are futile. Going to try wriggling again.

2:45 No use. Temperature’s rising. She'll be back any second.

2:49 No sign of my captor. If she doesn't kill me, the heat will. Need to buy myself some time.

2:50 Can’t reach the window. Can’t squirm out. Looking for something to throw.

2:53 Everything throwable is soft. Fuck.

2:55 Still no sign of my captor. My clothes are soaked with sweat.

2:56 My God. She's cooking me to death.

2:57 I need to get out of here. Now. Think.

2:59 Maybe if I make enough noise, someone will find me.

3:00 I just shit myself. Great.

3:02 Wailing for help. I don’t think anyone can hear me.

3:04 Caught my reflection in the window. My skin is so red.

3:07 Shit is seeping between my back and my seat. It reeks in here.

3:11 Hard to breathe. Head feels heavy.

3:14 Heat getting to me. Seeing colors.

3:18 Too weak to scream. Too dehydrated to cry.

3:21 Nodding out.

3:24 Goodbye.

3:30 Just woke up covered in glass with cool air blasting through the broken window.

3:32 A man wearing black clothes and sunglasses is pulling me out. At last, I’m free.

3:35 I can see my captor over the man's shoulder. She's in a cage. Her arms, restrained.