Snapple transforms imagination into reality. 

First Place Integrated Campaign - American Advertising Federation District 10 - National Student Advertising Competition

Much love to my teammates at Texas State. 


Snapple Apple TV 1:00

Snapple Founders TV :30

:15 Radio (Peach & Kiwi-Strawberry)

Snapple Kiwi-Strawberry :15

SFX: Fade up a capella vocals

V/O: Snapple’s knack for matchmaking makes opposites complementary. We mingled two singles at the start of the century;

Sour Kiwi met sweet Strawberry and, oddly enough, the two tastes intertwined to form the Earth's Best Stuff. 

Snapple: Voilá! Love at first sip.

SFX: Fade down a capella vocals


Snapple App

A hub for augmented reality, 3D videos and more


Out-of-Home (Scan for an augmented reality experience)

In-Store Promotion: Mys-tea-ry

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Dual-Screen Snapchat Video

Snapchat Geofilters

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